Wind Turbine Design


Step 1: Location Information

Select the location you are seeking to design in. From the location, we can know the altitude of the specified city, the average temperature in each season, and the average wind speed. Using the altitude we can calculate the atmospheric pressure. The air density can be also determined using the atmospheric pressure and temperature.

Location Information
Density Calculator

Air Density

Altitude (meters):

Temperature (Celsius):


Step 2: Design Criteria

Choose the mode of the wind turbine, this depends on the space and overall setting.

Select Design Criteria


Step 3: Wind Turbine Specifications

The quality of the turbine is totally correlated with its efficiency. The quality selection basically depends on the budget and the turbine’s availability in the market. The number of turbines is selected with respect to need.

Wind Turbine Efficiency Calculator


Step 4: Output Power

Finally, calculate the overall power of the turbines using all the above data acquired.

Wind Turbine Power Calculator

Horizontal Design

Vertical Design


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Well Done!

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