Geothermal Heat Exchange

Step 1: Fluid Selection

Step 1: Fluid Selection

We should define the fluid that we are looking to expose for heat exchange. Are we looking to decrease the air temperature for cooling purposes? Or looking to increase the water temperature to have a shower for instance?

Fluid Selection


Step 2: Temperature Data

Select a location and the season in order to determine the atmospheric temperature; we assume that the inlet temperature is the same as the atmospheric temperature.

Location Information


Step 3: Design Parameters

We should select the design parameters of the pipe and the flow rate within the pipe.

Pipe Diameter Calculator

Pipe Inlet Diameter

Flow Rate Selection

Flow Rate


Step 5: Pipe Length

Finally, we can determine the total length of the pipe that should be installed in the system by inputting all the information acquired before.

Geothermal Pipe Length Calculator


Additional References

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